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Trick 1 Increase Reliance jio 4G Net Speed upto 80mbps

  • First of all setting on your phone
  • Click on more and select Mobile Networks.
  • Now click on access point name of reliance jio sim
  • At last click on menu from the corner of right hand side &
  • Then, choose new apn.
  • Now you have to do above setting and finally click on save

Jio 4G Speed Increasing Settings
  • Name –
  • APN – jionet
  • APN Type – Default
  • Proxy – Not Set
  • Port – Not Set
  • Username – Not Set
  • Password – Not Set
  • Server –
  • MMSC – Not Set
  • MMS proxy – Not Set
  • MMS port – Not Set
  • MCC – 405
  • MNC – 857, 863 or 874
  • Authentication type – Not Set
  • APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6
Now save above settings, then browse and start downloading big files to check how much speed you get.
Trick 2: Increase jio downloading speed using vpn
  • First of all download & install Snap VPN app from here
  • Open snap vpn app and start downloading of the file you want to download using JIO net.
  • Then, minimize the downloader and open Snap VPN app and connect to any of the country VPN and check the speed of the downloading
  • Thats it. Now you will get upto 10-20mbps speed
If you not get speed yet then try other country vpn servers one by one and check the speed. i am sure it will work defenetly
Trick 3: Increase Reliance Jio Downloading Speed using UC Browser
  • First of all download UC mini browser from playstore
  • Now open UC browser and start downloading any apps, apk, videos or anything that you want to load
  • Then, Pause download and open snap vpn
  • Now connect it in india server
  • Then, Resume the download file and check speed

  • Premium Support
    Getting faild all times? Not able to use vpn? Didn’t understand anything? Dont worry now we can help you to increase jio speed. Contact us via E-MAIL or Whatsapp 7206770673
    If you still getting low speed then, again pause and this time connect snap vpn with singapore
    Start downloading, now you may get good speed
    So this way you can increase reliance jio 4g net speed and downloading speed upto 20mbps. By using this trick if you getting any problem, just drop a comment, we try our best to solve your problem!

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